John Arezzi is one of wrestling’s most interesting historians. He has been called a “pioneer” for his work as host of The Pro Wrestling Spotlight radio show, and promoter of the first large wrestling fan conventions. He helped bring Lucha Libre to the USA in 1993, and promoted international wrestling tours.  He was one of the top photographer/writers for the national wrestling magazines in the 1970s. He also climbed into the ring for two laughable matches! Today, John is a pod-caster, has revived the Pro Wrestling Spotlight on social media platforms , and has added author to his resume, with an upcoming April 2021 memoir with renowned writer Greg Oliver.  From his days of running the International Fred Blassie Fan Club, to his reemergence in the wrestling world, John’s involvement spans over four decades. He has now opened up the vault of his vast archives for you the fan to explore!